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NSS / YRC Activities

For the spritual development of students. We have extracurricular activities like YOUTH RED CROSS(YRC), RED RIBBON CLUB(RRC) and National Service Scheme(NSS) etc. The students apart from routine class work, get a chance for personality development and develop social awarness. These clubs mould their personality and character. We take pleasure in convertting men into gentlemen and supermen in these clubs.

NSS Special Camp

Diabetes awareness program conducted to the adapted village peoples. Nearly 135 peoples were benifited in this camp. And NSS team gave awareness that how to be healthy in our day to day food.

Blood-Donation Camp

Blood Donation camp conducted by NSS team, more than 150 Students donated their blood. And students were awarded with certificates.

Personality development programme

  • In this fast developing highly competitive world, we cannot shine as a member of the crowd. Unless we stand ‘talk’ in a group of dwarfs, we will not be seen by others, However educated a person can be, he will not shine unless he ‘shinks’ in the crowd. The programme polishes a raw stone into priceless and diamond which sells like hot cakes in this technical market?. No business is better than a ‘show business’ . We shine the taught to make him a ‘ hot’ commodity in this field.

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