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As you may be aware of Bharathidasan Engineering College being managed by KTA & GRS Educational Trust, is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of BEC Group which is committed to community service in the fields of Education, Health and Livelihood. The Foundation established Bharathidasan Engineering College (BEC) in the year 2002 with the objective of bring superior Technical Education to the doorsteps of the rural youth in the North western Districts of Tamilnadu. Since than Bharathidasan Engineering College has grown exponentially and has found a place not only among the best technical institutions in the state of Tamilnadu, but in the country at large.

I feel it will be certainly useful for those students and staff who work to join and build our institution to become one of the finest institutions and also help to excel.

On behalf of our trustees, I assure the readers that whatever presented in the web portal is true to the best of my knowledge.

I extend my heartfelt wishes to all the graduating students of the year for a bright and prosperous future. I warmly welcome those aspiring to be engineers and technocrats to come and join us to explore and experience the joy of innovative learning.

Bharathidasan Engineering College (BEC) is located in an ample space, amicable surroundings and elegantly approached way on Chennai to Bangalore National Highway at Nattrampalli, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. The College aims to promote and keeps abreast with advancement in Engineering and Technological studies by building on the expertise of its academics and facilitating its students to achieve their full potential in any of the Engineering programmes.

 Here at the BEC you will be able to widen your knowledge and enhance your skills in many areas. We welcome all category students from around the nation. We can offer a variety of Programmes in Engineering and Technology. Feel free to explore our website for details on oures, facilities, admission process and much more.

 At the BEC, we have committed ourselves to equip students with the tools of a lifetime. The faculty remains up to date with developments in their particular industry enabling cutting edge teaching. Students are also taught how to coach their minds for further employment challenges.

 All the educational institutes now operate in an increasingly competitive environment. Similarly the academic rigour exercised by the BEC ensures that its qualifications are respected and sought after. The College is also committed in continuously expanding its academic facilities so as to provide top quality education as well as recreation support.

I hope your chosen course of study suits your needs and we are happy to help you trough each step of the way in realizing your potential.